MayFlowerSeries...Fenced In Flowers

Fencing in flowers has been part of landscaping for well...forever.  Great pains are taken to border flower beds whether it be with fences, pavers, rocks or sticks.  I might consider container pots as flower borders as well.  With that said, it was kind of surprising finding so many fenced flower photos while navigating and organizing my flower photo files.

As a contributor on Find A Grave, I take photos at cemeteries.  Along with filling headstone photo requests, I often take pictures of memorabilia, statues and flowers left on graves.  Funeral flowers are almost always presented in beautiful arrangements.  In the photo above the florists attention to detail and color contrasts the rugged almost desolate background landscape.  This photo has a special connection for me...my Dad built the fence.

Even fields of Texas Wildflowers are Fenced In.

Some flowers just can't be contained and seem to say...'Don't Fence Me In'!


MayFlowerSeries...Prolific Pink Flowers and Weeds

Pink flower is beautiful.  Always so much of anything.
Playfully and never dull.  As it is inside spring.
Tenderly moments to bring on to every summer night
Until its blossom is gone with beautiful pinkish bright. 
Pink flower is like you with all your loving touch.
So much to make and do if you are in love so much.
Nothing is all like this.  On to the blue light dark
With new spring dawn bliss and shades of the petal spark.
Fragrances in the air full of new summer high.
Touching blossom everywhere in the hours going by.
Just like a love to come when love touches heart.
Flowering passion blossom now in these days will start.
Peter S. Quinn
Now wasn't that a nice poem about pink flowers?  While navigating through my flower photo files, I found soooo many pink flowers.  I must be drawn to them for some reason...probably because they are found more often than let's say blue flowers.  Mother Nature is awesome in her color schemes and in the variety of shapes and sizes of flowers.  With that said, she also has a love for colorful WEEDS...as do I. 
If there is a Thistle to be photographed, I'm on it, and yes thistle is a weed.  I often wondered why I was attracted to the sticky, spikey, dull green plant...even to the point of painting them.  I found out while researching my ancestors.


MayFlowerSeries...Daisy Tablescape

Is Tablescaping still a thing in Blogland?  Back in 2012 I participated in several 'Tablescaping Memes' that gave me the opportunity to play with my collection of dishes and all things for setting a table.  Dishin' With Metlox On The Poppy Trail  is a post that featured one of my Floral Table Setting Collections.  About that same time, I did another setup featuring the vintage 'Daisy Tablecloth' with the idea it would be the next Tablescaping post.  Didn't happen then...so, now seems a good time during this month of May Flower Series posts. 
As a collector of 'All Things Table Setting'...it is rare to find a table cloth that is in mint condition.  The Daisy Cloth was such a find.  Made by Simtex probably from the 1950-60 era.  Somewhere in this blog there is a post about the company Simtex and several other tablecloths in my collection.  Maybe it will pop up in the 'Link Within' list since I have mentioned it in this post.  Not finding it is...as I mentioned in the beginning of this 'May Flower Series' post....due to my photo files being a 'Nightmare to Navigate.

Back to the Daisy Tablescape.  Putting together a table full of daisies was, I remember, a challenge...especially without a vase of live daisy flowers.  Nevertheless, the daisy theme continued with a Metlox Daisy Platter, Daisy Tea Glasses and a collection of yellow and dishes, pink napkins with green rings and crocheted trivets.
 I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.  How about you?


MayFlowerSeries...Royal Heiress Lily

The 'Flower of the Month' for May is the Lily, specifically, depending on the source, the 'Lily of The Valley'.  It is a small flower that blooms in clusters and is white.  When I think of lilies, ones like the Royal Heiress come to mind. 
There are hundreds of different true lilies, they are a perennial plants, and have numerous meanings...royalty and regal bearing, motherhood and fertility, purity and the beauty of youth, passion and drive, and renewal and rebirth.  This Royal Heiress blooms every year in a Lily Garden a few miles from where I live.
 The gardener invited me to photograph not only her lily beds, but any and all of her at least half acre yard of flowering plants, trees and shrubs.  Her name is Rose.  How perfect is that!

Yes, Rose, 'Friends are Forever', and so it seems so are Lilies!


MayFlowerSeries...Fresh Flower Arrangements

 Fresh Flower Arrangements have a long history throughout the world dating back to ancient Egypt.  As an art form flower arranging can be traced back to ancient China where it was based on the principle that life is sacred.  Knowing that certainly makes the meaning of giving and receiving flowers for one's birthday very special and meaningful...life is sacred.

 A favorite of mine is the Iris, and according to ancient Egypt flower history Irises were one of the sacred flowers found in depictions throughout ancient ruins.  Iris mythology dates back to Ancient Greece when the goddess Iris, who personified the rainbow (Greek word for iris), acted as the link between heaven and earth.  It is said that purple irises were planted over the graves of women to summon the goddess Iris to guide them in their journey to heaven. (Teleflora)
While I am at it, I may as well continue the history and significance of the flowers photographed at my Mom's 85th birthday celebration in February 2012.  Let's start with the Pink Carnation, a species of Dianthus Caryophyllus.  Dianthus comes from Greek and translates to 'heavenly flower or 'flower of love.' 
 In Christian legend, the first carnations bloomed on Earth when Jesus carried the Cross.  Witnessing Jesus' plight, Mother Mary started to shed tears and pink carnations sprang up where her tears fell.  Thus, the pink carnation became the symbol of a mother's undying love. (Floweraura)
I wish I knew then what I know now about the flowers in Mom's birthday arrangements.  She would have enjoyed knowing their history and how their symbolism made them the perfect flowers to celebrate her birthday. 
Here's one more for the symbolism/significance book....Carnations are my January Birth Month Flower and Purple Irises have been in our flower beds since I was a little girl.  The bulbs have been transplanted year after year, move after move from my Grandmother Minnie's Iowa flower beds and the house pictured above where I was born.


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